Media Liaison and Monitoring

The AAC continues to run proactive projects; research the effects of, and develop, implement and advocate for wide ranging solutions to, racism; and consistently promote human rights and community relations. The AAC also maintains our advocacy and communication with media, government, community organisations, business and the public, constantly raising the profile of issues of concern to all Australians.

High profile and widespread media coverage on the issues of: racial vilification; the need to support the local Arabic community; and the importance of not stereotyping the Arab region or its people. In the weeks following the events of September 11 we undertook over 120 media interviews with mainstream papers, radio stations and television news services, as well as international coverage with institutions such as the BBC and the Arabic media. The Council also released 6 media statements in Arabic and English, constantly issuing alerts to the media, the Arabic press and the community regarding the dangers of stereotyping and discouraging hysteria in the current climate.

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